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Nov. 7th, 2020



first let you all know,,,i am girl who :

- Love Takki (Hideaki Takizawa) so muuuuuuuuuuch,,,,i love others but HE ALWAYS MY REALLLLLY ICHIBAN

- Love Ryo Chan (Ryo Nishikido) (My Others... xD)

- Fangirl of Momoko Tsugunaga, Ai Takahashi, Kanon Fukuda (from Hello Project) and Akyan, Ikuchii (from NGP)

- H!P Fans (Love their song,,,voice,,dance,,,outfit,,etc)

- Love Hey!Say! JUMP----specially My Liitle one Ryuu Chan (Ryutaro Morimoto) and Yamada Ryosuke,,,They are Double R.... xp

- Love Hashimoto Ryosuke-Johnnys JR,,,,(im really sure HE WILL DEBUT,,,ganbatte ne...)

aaah,,,just it
please let me know u if you want to add me,,,coz i really want to know...hihiihihiih
just tell me,,,your fave,,your ichiban,,ect ^^(
(comment here)

My Post is open for All,,,if i post Pic,,Vid,,Scan ect,,
Please feel free to save/use/reupload and its up to you to credit me or not.... =)


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Oct. 23rd, 2018

My Feedback~~~


Since i decided to sale some of my item,,,so i think i need feedback,,
just to help me to keep my buyer in safety mind... ^^

Please help me to leave your comment if you buy from me,,,

(click the picture)

May. 23rd, 2011

New Sales Post :)

i decided to make a new post to sale some of my collection :)

Please come and See :D

1. Arashi Single My Girl Limited Edition (Preview)
    - Sealed/Never Opened
    Price : US$25

2. Hey Say JUMP ClearFile (Preview) Stock : 2
    - Sealed/Never Opened
    Price : US$12

3. GYM Fever to Future Regular Edition (Preview)
    - Sealed/Never Opened
    Price : US$10

4. Yamashita Tomohisa One in a Million Limited B (www.facebook.com/photo.php)
    - Sealed/Never Opened 
    Price : US$18
5. Hey! Say! 2010 Ten Jump DVD - FIRST PRESS EDITION (www.facebook.com/photo.php)
    - Sealed/Never Opened
    Price : US$65

6. Hideaki Takizawa Uchiwa 1 (www.facebook.com/photo.php)
    Good Condition
    Price : US$10
7. Hideaki Takizawa Uchiwa 2 (www.facebook.com/photo.php)
    Perfect Condition
    Price : US$12
8. Yamada Ryosuke Uchiwa (www.facebook.com/photo.php)
    Perfect Condition
    Price : US$15
9. Ryutaro Morimoto Uchiwa (www.facebook.com/photo.php)
    Perfect Condition
    Price : US$15
all Price exclude Shipping cost
Thanks :)

Nov. 13th, 2009

aichan is love

[SALE] H!P Things...

Sell My Hello Project Colletion *Mostly Photo Set*

See this...Collapse )

See this...Collapse )

Thanks so muuuch,,,
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Oct. 24th, 2009

[SALE] JE Things Part 2,,, xp


This is My Sales Post Part 2

Hereeeeeeee........Collapse )


[SALE] Some JE things.... x3


Come again with some stuff,,, ;D

this is my item that i want to sell,,,,

See More????Collapse )

My Feedback,,,, m(__)m

Oct. 19th, 2009

Happy Birthday Tsuuu~~~

Okay,,,,i know im late,,,,
but I really remember his birthday,,, xD

Happy Birthday Tsubasa...........
keep trust your talent,,keep confident,,,,and keep believe T&T....
hope you always success in every work *i know you can*

Made special Wallpaper for celebrate his birthday...

Find Here......Collapse )

May. 17th, 2009

My Buono Single & Superb Surprise....

i hv a longggg day off to fill my LJ..
i really want to write here everyday,,,heeeeh

Update News...
My Buono Single is arrived...yipppie,,, (actually my single is already arrived in May 3th...)
Want to share the pic..=)
My Collapse )Pic of Buono-My Boy SingleCollapse )

aaaaand already BIG NEWS

My TAKKI will play in DORAMA....its soooooo a long time...(i think coz He is sooo Expensive...hihihiihihi IMO)
and plusss some added info that make it a HUGE NEWS...

He will play with RYO....gyaaaaaa

My TAKKI + RYO chan = Supeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeerb
will update with some info soon...^__^

Apr. 23rd, 2009

14 Years of Togetherness....

Today,,14 Years ago,,,
2 Boy meets..
continue...Collapse )

PV Sha.La.La.....Takki let me "Sha.La.La" with you... ^_~

aaaah,,,a little bit late to post,,,but i want to share the PV....


See the Lovable PVCollapse )

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