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New Sales Post :)

i decided to make a new post to sale some of my collection :)

Please come and See :D

1. Arashi Single My Girl Limited Edition (Preview)
    - Sealed/Never Opened
    Price : US$25

2. Hey Say JUMP ClearFile (Preview) Stock : 2
    - Sealed/Never Opened
    Price : US$12

3. GYM Fever to Future Regular Edition (Preview)
    - Sealed/Never Opened
    Price : US$10

4. Yamashita Tomohisa One in a Million Limited B (www.facebook.com/photo.php)
    - Sealed/Never Opened 
    Price : US$18
5. Hey! Say! 2010 Ten Jump DVD - FIRST PRESS EDITION (www.facebook.com/photo.php)
    - Sealed/Never Opened
    Price : US$65

6. Hideaki Takizawa Uchiwa 1 (www.facebook.com/photo.php)
    Good Condition
    Price : US$10
7. Hideaki Takizawa Uchiwa 2 (www.facebook.com/photo.php)
    Perfect Condition
    Price : US$12
8. Yamada Ryosuke Uchiwa (www.facebook.com/photo.php)
    Perfect Condition
    Price : US$15
9. Ryutaro Morimoto Uchiwa (www.facebook.com/photo.php)
    Perfect Condition
    Price : US$15
all Price exclude Shipping cost
Thanks :)



do you do international post?
i'm from malaysia

Re: hi

yes off course, i can ship to any country :)

Re: hi

is the chinen uchiwa which was in the picture with yama-chan's uchiwa still available?

Re: hi

hi, unfortunately,,
it's already sold out..
Hi. Is Ryutaro's uchiwa still available?
yup, its still available
u want? :)
Yes! (>w<)//

How much is the shipping fee to the Philippines?
Are there still other Ryutaro uchiwa?
i have 2 more ryutaro uchiwa,
i will sent the picture to ur email,if u don't mind :)
shipping fee is around US$13 :)
Thank you. >w<
Just send the pictures to me.
I'm sorry.
My email is eightxeighter@yahoo.com
Thank you.
i sent u an email,pls inform if u not rcvd it :)
Received it. Thank you. :)
How about this one?
Is it no longer available?
I would like to buy all your Ryutaro uchiwa. :)
hi,did u rcvd my pm?
thanks :)
Hi. Is the ryutaro uchiwa still available?
yup,it still available :)
How much will it be all in all?? With the shipping fee?? I'm from the Philippines.

And the modes of payment??

Edited at 2012-11-11 09:48 am (UTC)
one uchiwa cost US$15,the shipping cost its around us$10.
thanks :)
I'm kind of tight right ow. After the release of JUMP World Tour and the goods. Also, because of Johnny's world. Still, I'm interested in buying it but maybe it'll take until December. If it's still available by that time, I'll contact you again. Thank you and sorry for the inconvenience. :))