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first let you all know,,,i am girl who :

- Love Takki (Hideaki Takizawa) so muuuuuuuuuuch,,,,i love others but HE ALWAYS MY REALLLLLY ICHIBAN

- Love Ryo Chan (Ryo Nishikido) (My Others... xD)

- Fangirl of Momoko Tsugunaga, Ai Takahashi, Kanon Fukuda (from Hello Project) and Akyan, Ikuchii (from NGP)

- H!P Fans (Love their song,,,voice,,dance,,,outfit,,etc)

- Love Hey!Say! JUMP----specially My Liitle one Ryuu Chan (Ryutaro Morimoto) and Yamada Ryosuke,,,They are Double R.... xp

- Love Hashimoto Ryosuke-Johnnys JR,,,,(im really sure HE WILL DEBUT,,,ganbatte ne...)

aaah,,,just it
please let me know u if you want to add me,,,coz i really want to know...hihiihihiih
just tell me,,,your fave,,your ichiban,,ect ^^(
(comment here)

My Post is open for All,,,if i post Pic,,Vid,,Scan ect,,
Please feel free to save/use/reupload and its up to you to credit me or not.... =)


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Haii..same with me,,
Luv momo attack.. XD
I got a notice that you had friended me :) So I am friending you back.

Um, let's see. My ichibans are Takki & Tsubasa. I am also a fan of several others. Not in any particular order are: Arashi, SMAP, Toma, News, Kanjani 8. I like some music of Tokio, V-6, & Kinki Kids. I would like to explore some of the Korean groups some time. I LOVE LOVE jdramas, jmovies & specials! I've started watching some kdramas & kmovies.

Guess that's it but it is a long list LOL and I left off the female singers & actresses ^^
Thanks for being My Friend... =))

aaah,,,sooo i love TakkiTsuba too and other Johnnys....
but my ichiban is still T&T ^^

same with u,,i really Love DORAMA...fufufufuufu
samu...aka yossy
ternyata ini dirimu toh...

thank ya dah add
chi-chi desu...
hey! i saw one of your comments in jpop_sale, may i check w/ you if you can help me purchase stuff from Japan in future? and how much fee will you charge?
Yup..i can help you to purchase item from japan,,
Just gv me a link..
My cost is depend on which shop that u want to buy the item..
So just gv me a link,and i can gv u a detail of how much you must paid..thankz u,,
ohh! okay! so in future i can i ask to help me get right! thanks!!! oh then what about preorders for concert goods? is tht fine too? and are you located in Tokyo?
hey i would like to get some preorders of Teogmass con goods! can you reply me at liew.kai.lin@hotmail.com
hey!! im interested in asking you to help me get HSJ tokyo dome con goods! can you contact me at liew.kai.lin@hotmail.com