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14 Years of Togetherness....

Today,,14 Years ago,,,
2 Boy meets..
They dont talk too much,,just glare each other
just silent....
And another Boy feel bored,,,
He thought "Hey,,He bring a Huge Bag,,i Wonder whats the inside"
but he thought again "aaah,,i think he's around my age,,,so
dont want wait so long,,,
he came closer to other boy,,,
and said...
"I am Takizawa,,Lets be a Friend"

Happy 14th Years of Together T&T

Thanks Takki,,,You force yourself to know Tsu at first
coz,,,if not there's no T&T
Thanks Tsu,,,to accept Takki "Tokyo Boy in Your Mind" XD
Thanks Johnnys,,You call Takki to audition place even Takki is already passed to JE....
coz,,,all of that,,make OUR BOY MET


This post makes me happy! ^_^
But...I miss them...They need to make more music together! Now!
they must make music again
coz their music can make me know the meaning of friendship
how i really miss T&T....