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My Buono Single & Superb Surprise....

i hv a longggg day off to fill my LJ..
i really want to write here everyday,,,heeeeh

Update News...
My Buono Single is arrived...yipppie,,, (actually my single is already arrived in May 3th...)
Want to share the pic..=)

Left = Reg Edition
Right = LE
---This is a Front Cov

----Back Cov

--Bonus Card

---i like the cov CD,,,kawaaaaiiii with blue dots everywhere....^^

aaaaand already BIG NEWS

My TAKKI will play in DORAMA....its soooooo a long time...(i think coz He is sooo Expensive...hihihiihihi IMO)
and plusss some added info that make it a HUGE NEWS...

He will play with RYO....gyaaaaaa

My TAKKI + RYO chan = Supeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeerb
will update with some info soon...^__^