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My Feedback~~~


Since i decided to sale some of my item,,,so i think i need feedback,,
just to help me to keep my buyer in safety mind... ^^

Please help me to leave your comment if you buy from me,,,

(click the picture)

Please follow this format :

Name :
Item You Buy :
Comment :

Thanks Minna~~~ (>o<)


Name : Theo
Item You Buy : NewS LE Color album
Comment : Came in perfect condition, just like picture shown, shipping and packaging was perfect, would buy something from you again
Name : Sera
Item to buy : girugamesh single ALIVE LE + DVD
Comment : just like shigures hsgirl's said : "PERFECT"
Name : Bel
Item You Buy : Happy Birthday PV photo, and WPD studio photo
Comment : came just like the picture shown, except for a little crease in the top middle of the photo. Bent on transit though, since the containing envelope was also bent.
Name : zukko
Item You Buy : kanjani8 kyu jou show, musekinin hiiro
Comment : enak pesen lewat cherry ^^ baik hati dan bisa ditawar... hkwkwkwkw
Name: Bear'd
Item: Yama P Loveless Lim A
Comment: Got the CD, thank you... ni cd susah nyarinya abis taunya telat c, stlh pencarian yg lama akhirnya nemu d di tempat Cherry, rasanya seneng buanget, heheheh... cdnya tiba dengan selamat trus packagingnya jg ok,
Cherrynya jg ramah, recommended d buat beli ama Cherry, next time will buy from Cherry again (^________^)v
nama: marceline:
buy: uchiwa pi
comment: save for everything...
n.b: lain kalo kalo ngw beli diskon dunk..langganan lama.... hoho...uchiwa aiba masaki diskoooooon yeeeee
Name : Cindy
Item You Buy : NEWS Pacific album LE
Comment : Very friendly seller. Item arrived in perfect condition and just as described in the sale post.